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Northumberland Triathlon 2014

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Total Racing Inc is new team in 2008 and is affiliated to Triathlon England.

The idea of the team came about to try and generate an income from an online store, which could then be reinvested into athletes and to put in place the highest level of support systems (strength & conditioning training, massage/injury treatment, testing, nutrition support, technique analysis) and therefore help to support athletes to take a professional approach to triathlon.

One of the key goals is to benefit North East Triathlon and get it on the map. Phil Gray is looking to put together a range of TOP QUALITY services which will be available to all clubs in the region. This is one of the reasons why he is calling this a team and not a club.

He is also looking to work with north east races where he will bring the elite team (and any other athletes who they know and can bring) to help raise the profile of the races in the regional calendar.

Club Secretary:- Phil Gray

Club Website –