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Northumberland Triathlon 2014

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Tri northumberland was formed in 2009 by a group of active triathletes keen to improve the quality of events in the North East region. The focus was on the competitor and straightforward good quality races were on the agenda. Our first event was the Ashington Sprint Triathlon on 26 April 2009. A pool based event at Ashington Leisure Centre and with over 120 competitors, it was a great success. Buoyed by this we progressed to organising and running the Wansbeck QE2 Sprint Triathlon on 7 June 2009. This was a lake based event again with over 120 competitors and described as “Exemplar” by British Triathlon. Our third event of this first season was a ‘mould breaking’ sprint triathlon held at Newbiggin by the Sea on 13 September 2009. Another great event, again with over 120 competitors, but with massive local community support. This will feature as one of the top events in the region next season.

In 2010 have developed coaching, training and racing to encourage a wider participation in triathlon by Adults and Children and we are moving forward in 2011 with a schedule of events which includes 2 British Triathlon Major Events. 


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